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Mapping from the Ground to the Skies

About us

Flying Ant GIS

a consultancy providing regionally based spatial data collection, management and delivery to landholders, forestry companies and government in the South East of South Australia and the South West of Victoria.


certified by CASA (CASA-UOC-0159) to operate Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Aerial Photography, Aerial Surveying and Aerial Spotting


Clients include forestry companies, the Green Triangle Regional Plantation Committee (GTRPC), Regional Development Australia Limestone Coast (RDALC), the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) / Natural Resources SE, the Green Triangle Freight Transport Program Implementation Monitoring Group, Local Councils and private landholders

Our Services

UAV Mapping

We can capture high resolution imagery (<10cm) of your property in regular colour or multispectral to create vegetation index maps showing water or fertlisiation use.

Aerial Photography / Videography

Professional qaulity photographs and videos captured from our drones

Farm Maps / Property Maps

High quality laminated photo maps of your farm / property Using exisitng 50cm aerial imagery or we can collect with one of our UAVs

GIS Services

Utilising ESRI™ products, Flying Ant GIS can provide high quality GIS services, from simple maps to complex modelling.

Mobile Data Collection

From high accuracy, sub-meter data collection, to standard GPS or smartphone based, a solution for every situation

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